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Semilla Cultural brings to you a piece of Puerto Rico, its culture, and its music!



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About Us

Semilla Cultural is a non-profit organization developing and cultivating a community that embraces Puerto Rican culture and arts.
We focus on raising cultural awareness by teaching and performing the Puerto Rican musical genres of Bomba and Plena, as well as educating the community as to the historical events that shaped this music.

Semilla Cultural was founded in January 2014 with the goal of giving back to the community what always belonged to them: Afro-Puerto Rican music and dance. We are a team of volunteers united by our love and respect for Puerto Rican culture who are committed to preserve and disseminate this legacy left by our ancestors.

Semilla Cultural connects with the community by using the arts as a medium of unity and empowerment. We also collaborate with other artists and groups to forward this mission. We are a grassroots organization, and although we are still growing, we are committed to educating and representing with pride and respect our love for Puerto Rican arts, culture, and traditions.


All of Semilla Cultural's members are volunteers who share the same love for Puertorican music and dance, as well as the passion to share it with others.


Isha Renta

Director & Founder

Raised in: Ponce, PR

Fav. Rhythm: Yubá

Bomba is:Freedom

My passion for Bomba music started in the fall of 2006 after seeing
a bomba performance by Raices de Borinquen in Wheaton, MD.
I love bomba because it gives me a way to express myself
through the arts. It is a medium that makes me feel free
and makes me reconnect with my roots.


Eunice Mercado

Singer & Dancer

Raised in: San Juan, PR
Fav. Rhythm: Holandé
Bomba is:Passion

I have always loved to sing and dance, but Bomba took that passion to another level. The energy you will feel in the Batey will be the closest you'll ever be to witnessing magic.


José A. Polo

Main Drummer (Primo)

Raised in: Cayey, PR

Fav. Rhythm: Seis Corrido

Bomba is:Fulfilling


Glori Valle


Raised in: Arroyo, PR
Fav. Rhythm: Yubá
Bomba is:Community

I was moved by the rhythmic sounds of Bomba and how it draws emotions out of me that are transformed into a dance. I feel liberated when I am dancing Bomba. It has become a part of me that I never want to let go again!


Elvin Rivera

Buleador & Cuá Player

Raised in: Yabucoa, PR
Fav. Rhythm: Hoyomula
Bomba is:History

My passion for Bomba music started after I moved to Virginia in 2014. I love bomba because it provides a way to keep a connection to my Island. Semilla Cultural is more than a group, it is a community that grows larger every day.


Tilia Flores

Singer & Maraca Player

Raised in: Bayamón, PR
Fav. Rhythm: Yuba & Cuembé
Bomba is:Necessity

My passion for Bomba music started the first time I heard the drums. The necessity to sing, dance and feel the beat of the drums was in my heart. We were told once that yuba was a rhythm to cleanse the aura and the ambiance. And it does... it cleans my mind and my soul!


Josué Orellano

Dancer & Cuá Player

Raised in: Caguas, PR
Fav. Rhythm: Yubá
Bomba is:Passion

My passion for Bomba started during the summer of 2015. The energy you feel when you hear, play, and dance Bomba is incredible. Being part of Semilla Cultural helps me connect with my roots and release stress through Bomba!


Noemí Rodríguez

Dancer & Cua Player

Raised in: Manatí, PR
Fav. Rhythm: Cuembé & Hoyomula
Bomba is:Connection

My passion for Bomba music started after attending my first Bombazo in 2012 when I got exposed to Bomba and Plena at its peak and full expression. Every rhythm and song expresses different feelings and stories, and while dancing bomba I am able to show my connection to PR.


Raúl Zapata


Raised in: Mayagüez, PR
Fav. Rhythm: Holandé
Bomba is:Release

I had always followed the beat of music with my hands and it wasn't until I attended my first Bombazo that I knew where that instinct would lead. I love bomba because playing the drums and listening to it all come together makes me feel energized and at peace, all at once.

Semilla Cultural is

Fulfilling... Connection... Necessity... Freedom... History... Energy... Power... Rhythm... Transformation!
Music... Dance... Passion!

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